Hi I’m Winnie and welcome to Diamond Canopy!

This blog began way back in 2008 in a cold, poster covered student room in my final year of my History of Art degree at uni. When I should really have been researching my dissertation, I was busy taking mirror outfit shots, sharing my student purchases and blogging my daily thoughts.

Since then, the blog has followed me through another year of university where I got a masters degree in Marketing, a couple of jobs since graduating and joined me on plenty of flights back to my favourite city, Hong Kong. It’s been a lot of fun and through the blog I’ve experienced some amazing opportunities, become a better writer, a keen photographer and made some awesome friends.

Here you’ll find me writing about all my favourite things from my love of art and architecture, places I’ve eaten, things I’ve purchased and taking you guys along on my holidays. If I’m not blogging, you’ll find me sharing images on Instagram or chatting away on Twitter. Come and say hi!

Frequently asked questions

Where are you based?

I’m based in Birmingham, UK.

What’s with the blog name? 

I’ve contemplated changing it numerous times because it does appear pretty random! As a teen, I was the hugest Incubus fan and when Brandon Boyd described the night sky as being a ‘Diamond Canopy’, that was it (if you’re curious, it’s this track). Diamond Canopy has served as my online alter ego on ancient MySpace accounts and it naturally became my blog name and it’s stuck…

What camera do you use?

Since February 2018 I use a Fujifilm X-T2 with 35mm 1.4 lens and 18-55mm lens.

Older images are taken using a Canon 650d with a 35mm F2 lens. Occasionally, I’ll use iPhone 6S pictures too.

Any Questions? Shoot me an email or send me a tweet!