Summer vibes

Hello I’m back! It’s been a whole month since I’ve blogged as both work and family life has kept me super busy. I’ve finally found a spare moment to pop some words on the blog and share some summery pics. I currently have my family visiting from Hong Kong which throws my normal routine completely out the window but I can’t complain when we organise multiple barbecues, reunion dinners and fun day trips! The latter included a trip to Bicester Village last week where I picked up some bargains – £12 Levi’s hoody and blouse anyone? Definitely a new record for the cheapest things I’ve ever purchased there.

I might have been guilty of complaining about the heat at the moment, I’m also loving it! I’m currently writing from a shaded spot in the garden, lots of dappled sunlight and a cool breeze. My Hong Kong family are constantly commenting on the fresh air, lack of humidity, birds singing and the sunsets. All are things that they don’t often get to experience living in high density Hong Kong where it’s like walking around in a sauna for the majority of the year. FYI – this is why I like going back to HK in November, it’s still around 20°c and you can wear layers but you’re not constantly looking for ice cold air con to cool down. Summertime in the UK is really quite lovely and I forget how much I love dressing for the summer. As much as I always profess to love layers, cosy jumpers, jeans and hot cups of tea, I’m absolutely loving wearing skirts, midi dresses with an iced coffee in hand.

I’ve got so much to share on here including my recent trip to Edinburgh and my latest illustration. But first, I’ve got to go and help prep for tomorrow’s family barbecue, there are a mountain of soy and garlic wings to marinate!

Dress – &otherstories | T-shirt – Tout à coup | Necklace – Missoma x Lucy Williams | Converse – Play by CDG | Sunglasses – Gentle Monster | Bag – COS