Three years later

I’m back after a crazy month away from the blog. My life has been pretty busy and I’m all out of routine with my weekend blog organisation but I’ve returned with a new illustration. This post very nearly didn’t happen as I only went and formatted the memory card before uploading them to my hard drive. I really must stop doing this. Luckily I had already sent myself a few for Instagram purposes. Phew.

Rachael and Martin are two of my awesome friends and they’re pretty special as they’re the reason I started creating these illustrations in the first place. Back in 2015, Rachael had asked me to come up with a doodle for a kid’s colouring pack for their wedding (see this post) and it all started from there! Since then, I’ve done a number of these illustrations for my favourite pals and I’d say that my style has improved a lot since those first drawings. Fast-forward three years and little Joni is the newest, most adorable addition to Rachael and Martin’s family and ahead of her christening, it seemed fitting to get the watercolours out again. To make things even more special, these guys managed to get her christened at St Mary Undercroft chapel within the Houses of Parliament. What a venue!

I had so much fun drawing Rachael, Martin and Joni. They really are some of my favourite people with plenty of happy memories from partying it up at Indie nights out at uni, their Brighton wedding and now through to the christening of their first baby! It’s been quite the journey and a really fun afternoon spent on this illustration. I often wish I was more technically skilled but I guess I just like drawing cartoon people and botanicals. Plus, nothing beats those messages from friends when they’ve opened their presents and they actually love my doodles!

I’ve got another one to share soon as I’m off to Edinburgh this weekend for another wedding. So naturally, I spent a few hours last weekend drawing away…