EL Retiro Park garden portrait

Hello again! I’m still in awe of the response from my last post, so thank you for stopping by and giving it a little read. If anything, the post made me realise how much I adore blogging and how great the blogging community is! I’ve learnt a lot about myself and so much about you guys too – I loved all the anecdotes. Who knew that something I wrote late one Saturday night in the spur of the moment would resonate with so many people. While my childhood isn’t unique and it mirrors a lot of people who grow up with two cultures, it’s made me realise that it’s something worth talking about. So I’ve decided to share a few more stories and get thinking. Watch this space.

El retiro park moon el retiro park golden hour

Aside from loving the blogging community a lot this week, here are three things that I’ve really been in to recently:

  1. Lightroom tutorials. I’ve been watching a lot of Maarten Schrader’s how-tos on YouTube which I found accidentally after watching a lot of photography reviews for lens options for the Fuji X-T2. Schrader’s tutorials show you how to mimic certain styles from photographers and it’s really helped me learn more about different functions of Lightroom. I might have put some of the tips into action in the images above which were taken back in September in Madrid. Yup – I’m still working my way through these images. For fellow photography lovers out there, I’m heading to The Photography Show this weekend and if you fancy going – here’s a little promo code for 20% off tickets AFTPS18.
  2. Table Manners with Jessie Ware. This is a really entertaining podcast and I always look forward to tuning in every week. The idea is simple, Jessie and her mum host a lunch/dinner and have different guests every week. I love Jessie Ware and food and so a podcast combining all of the above is a perfect combination. The Sandy Toksvig episode is one of my favourites so far.
  3. Kristabel and Lucy’s insta-stories from their holiday in Jamaica. As soon as I see their little faces appear on that stories bar, I’m there. I’ve been loving their colourful adventure! I would love to take friends to experience Hong Kong in the same way that Kristabel has introduced Jamaica to Lucy. Who would like to come with me?