Honest Skincare Birmingham Corner

On Saturday I visited Honest in Birmingham’s lovely Great Western Arcade as I had a birthday voucher that I have been meaning to use! It’s one of my favourite spots in the city because it’s so aesthetically pleasing and full of lovely organic beauty products. It’s just so reassuring to know exactly what you’re putting on to your skin and knowing that they’re not full of nasty chemicals or preservatives. I’ve featured these guys in a recent post which mainly involved iPhone photos but for once, I had my camera on me and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to snap some better photos but also get into the habit of using my camera as much as possible.

Honest Skincare Birmingham Shelves Honest Skincare Birmingham SinkHonest Skincare Birmingham Mirror Selfie Honest Skincare Birmingham Plant Honest Skincare Birmingham soap Honest Skincare Birmingham calming scent mist

With my birthday voucher, I purchased the Calming Scent Mist which I’m kind of obsessed with and turns out, it’s one of their best sellers. The mist is made up of pure organic essential oils including rose water, black pepper, lavender, bergamot, cedarwood and ylang ylang. I like to spray it into the air and kind of walk into it, letting the essential oils work their magic. The mist is meant to help you feel calmer and less stressed and sometimes that’s exactly what you need when you’re trying to wind down after a busy day. There aren’t really that many independent retailers in the city centre so it’s lovely to pop into Honest to check out their skincare and discover what’s new. While I was there, I was told that they are launching homewares in store soon, so I can’t wait to see more ceramics and have even more reason to pop in.