Oh weekend, how I’ve looked forward to you all week! It’s been a while since I’ve grabbed my camera, taken a few snaps and shared them on the blog straight away but this is what this year is all about. I’m actively trying to be a recluse this month with attempts to avoid the shops, trips to London and eating out and with work being super busy right now, I am loving these blissfully lazy weekends.

Right now, I have the Byredo candle burning from my last post and settling into lots of photo editing and Netflix watching. The latter includes ‘Black Mirror’ and ‘It’s always sunny in Philadelphia’ which people always recommend but I’ve never managed to watch and I’m loving both so far. I’m slightly traumatised from the first episode of Black Mirror, but I’m just bracing myself for that social media episode which everyone raves on about!

Missoma horn pendantMissoma horn pendant 1

Over Christmas, I got my hands on this Missoma x Lucy Williams large horn pendant which I absolutely love and matches my obsession with gold jewellery – most notably a whole collection of gold hooped earrings I’ve collected in the last year or so. I didn’t quite realise just how many bloggers/vloggers seem to own this necklace (so much for being original) but it’s fast become one of my favourite daily pieces and I’m looking forward to adding a few more layering pieces eventually.

cmulti stripe button through pyjamas label

Remember when I said I was avoiding the shops this month? Well it’s not really gone to plan – it’s just too easy to spend money when at home with the ol’ laptop. Continuing on the theme of being influenced by fellow bloggers, I recognised these pyjamas from Liv’s Instagram when I was perusing the Next website for a fluffy dressing gown. I couldn’t resist adding these colourful PJs to my basket and of course the original dressing gown which I had intended to buy, still hasn’t been purchased. Who doesn’t love new PJs right? I managed to get next day delivery and they landed on my door step first thing this morning, seriously impressed! Right, off to watch the next episode of Black Mirror…