I’m back with a blog post! Sooo it’s been a while and I’m going to cut to the chase and share these images from my most recent long weekend to Prague. I still have a bunch of images from recent travels including Madrid, Hong Kong and of course a few more to share from Australia but I need to get my blogging hat on and get back into the game.

When my friend Lucy asked if I could join her in Prague for her birthday, I checked my holiday allowance and immediately booked my flights. Fast forward a couple of months and before long, we were standing on the balcony of our huge Airbnb (fit for 12 people!) and admiring our view of Prague. I guess for someone who at the end of 2016 said they wanted to travel more, Prague ticked off my 4th country this year…

I’ve always been told how Prague is a beautiful city and how the beer is cheap and yes, those things are all true! Prague is a lovely city, full of gorgeous pastel coloured buildings straight out of a fairy tale, Art Nouveau details, cobbled streets and there’s definitely a hint of it’s communist history. Everything is walking distance but the metro and tram system are super easy to use, especially as it’s quite cold in the winter months. If you want, they also use Uber over there which was handy on some evenings when we visited various restaurants on the outskirts of the city.

We visited plenty of churches, cathedrals and climbed the steps up to Prague castle. We also stopped by the famous astronomical clock which is worth checking out. However, while people gather to watch it chime on the hour, it’s not quite as spectacular as I had hoped it would be, so be warned! I missed out visiting the Jewish Quarter as I flew home a little earlier than the rest of the crew, but it looked beautiful – especially the Spanish Synagogue.

My absolutely favourite thing was walking around the Old Town, admiring the pastel painted buildings and also accidentally finding ourselves in Cafe Savoy on the first day. Cafe Savoy became an almost daily visit for us – especially as the pastries were voted as the best the city. Top tip – my favourite pastry was the venecek. Czech food is pretty much comfort food, huge portions of cabbage, goulash, schnitzel and bread dumplings. I love schnitzel but you might come home craving salad, fruit and green vegetables…

I was pretty worried about the cold in Prague and I ended up giving into the puffer/down jacket trend. It took me a while to break as I always associate these coats with my grandma, mum and Chinese tourists (ironic) but you know what, it’s the best purchase of the year and kept me toasty in Prague!

This trip didn’t involve as much photo taking as usual, as the days got dark super early (around 4pm) and I was having too much fun hanging out with the birthday crew. If you’re looking for more pics, there are plenty more shots over on Instagram. I promise my next post won’t take as long as this one!

Coat – Uniqlo | Jumper – COS (old) | Jeans – Topshop | Hat – Unbranded  | Shoes – Stan Smiths