Sometimes there are pictures you want to share instantly on a blog and despite having a bit of a backlog of posts to sort out, I had to share these portraits of flowers first. My life doesn’t revolve around my blog (but it certainly used to!) and over time, I have fallen out of the blogging routine but taking these pictures have helped me get back on track as blogging is still a huge part of who I am! These photos tick a couple of boxes for me, as they have helped me get back into editing photos and really think about composition. I also love a good flower study as it helps with my own art too – so here is a little floral interlude before my next posts!

I took these images at the BBC Gardener’s World and Good Food Show in Birmingham and the flowers were so beautiful. I’m super pleased with the way the edits turned out and they are currently the backgrounds on laptop and phones! My favourite shots are are the light and dark in the first image and then the beautiful smooth pinks in the lily portrait!

Can I let you in on a secret? These photos were taken on my SLR but edited on VSCO cam! I filtered one for Instagram using the A5 filter and when I couldn’t replicate the edits on lightroom, I’ve used the app exclusively for these. Obsessed! I hope you guys haven’t missed me too much – I’m cracking on with some posts this weekend!