It’s been a little over a month since I’ve returned from my holiday to Sydney and Hong Kong which feels like a lifetime ago now. Photos are coming soon but it’s about time I shared my latest illustration with you guys. This is the third illustration I’ve done for a wedding and they’re my favourite things to draw because these are what reignited my passion for drawing and painting in the first place.

Each one is pretty special to me as they are all created as my wedding gift to my friends and this is definitely one of the most detailed ones I’ve created yet. It took a little time to design the flower garland surrounding Sally and Liam and I spent a few hours practicing roses and finding ‘my style’ and I’m pretty happy with the finished results! The wedding itself was super dreamy, think beachside with sun, sea, sand and gorgeous flowers. Not forgetting of course, two very happy newlyweds but more on that later…

I am definitely not an accomplished watercolourist but they’re so fun and therapeutic and I really love giving these as gifts to  my friends. With the announcement of my younger sister’s engagement recently, I know that there will be an extra special one to start thinking about. Luckily, I have a few years to think about that one though!

Congratulations Sally & Liam!