I very rarely (and this could be a first) write up a blog post that has anything to do with my day job as I like to keep those two things pretty separate but I couldn’t resist this time. Over the last few days I’ve been hanging out at The Handmade Fair at Ragley Hall with work at what is essentially, an arts and crafts festival featuring craft stalls, workshops and food trucks.

I was in my element exploring the fair and of course I had to get a photo with these giant crochet creations made by Toft (how incredible are these guys?!). I got all crafty and made felt flowers to adorn Raggers the willow bear (made by Juliette Hamilton) in aid of the charity Sense, discovered some very talented people selling their wares and dropped in on a couple of the craft workshops. I got to meet Kirstie Allsopp (who is every bit as lovely IRL as she is on TV) and of course I couldn’t resist doing a little shopping. I purchased some amazing new earrings by jewellery designers My Bear Hands and Sally Wilcox and I’ve made a note to check out some other sellers online too, including Smashing Interiors, stockists of beautiful ethical homeware, Harriet De Winton who does fab Instagram story watercolour tutorials and Lucy Elisabeth who is THE most talented wirework artist.

I hope the fair comes back next year because it was such a great vibe with a lovely team that run the fair too. It was fun seeing people proudly show off their creations and purchases and I would highly recommend attending the next one at Hampton Court in September too and if you do go, definitely sign up for the workshops, they’re super fun!