Oh it’s been one hell of a week. At the weekend, I went along to support Kristabel’s first blogger event ‘You Can Sit With Us’ and discussed blogging and the issues that are important to us. We discussed how it’s ok to blog when you can, to ignore the pressures of conforming to what we think readers expect of us and that it’s ok to write about things that are real to us. I left the event feeling super proud of Kristabel, inspired and thankful to be part of such a diverse and supportive community. The bottom line? Stop comparing yourself to other bloggers and that it’s definitely ok to do your own thing.

So, let’s talk real stuff. About a month ago, I handed in my notice at work which was pretty straight forward and well, easy. I’ve wanted a change of scenery for a while and I’m SO ready for a new challenge. On my very last day, I spent my day carrying on as normal, completing the usual tasks – apart from the extra snacks, pina coladas, bouquets of flowers and the multiple hugs off colleagues! At the end of the day, the things that made my desk ‘mine’ were packed away and I closed my computer down for the very last time. It’s an awfully strange feeling knowing I won’t be returning to my desk ever again.

I was at my old job for over 4 years which is the longest I’ve ever stayed at one job. No one tells you how difficult it is leaving a job and how mentally draining it can be. A friend described the process as ‘an intense experience’ especially when you’ve become so attached to the people and it’s true, I had no idea that I would find it so hard saying goodbye. I’ve pinpointed the things that hit me the most and as cheesy as it sounds, it was the realisation that I made an impression, that people do appreciate me and like me, for being me. It’s a huge confidence booster especially when I often overthink and find myself full of self doubt.

I’ll definitely miss those guys but it’s time for a refresh and getting out of my comfort zone. I’m so excited for this new chapter in my work life, starting from scratch again and becoming part of a brand new work family.

PS – Very aware that my wooden ‘Little Twin Stars’ block calendar on my shelf needs updating, oops!