Life has been extremely busy in the last few weeks which explains the delay in this post (oops) it’s definitely busyness rather than being demotivated though, so don’t worry! But to catch you guys up – I am pretty excited about 2017. A lot of positive things have happened and I am excited for the rest of the year. I’ve pushed myself into new social situations by saying yes to more things – dinners with a bunch of people I don’t really know? Yup! Was I nervous? Very much so. Am I glad I went? Yes! Secondly I have booked flights for my April trip to Oz and HK and I’m pretty darn excited about planning those imminent trips. I’m off to London for one of my best friend’s 30th this weekend (Hi Rach if you’re reading!) and then Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Absolutely no January blues for me, it’s been a pretty awesome one and I’ve actually made some positive steps for a better 2017. I think February will be pretty good too. You’re getting lots of positive vibes from this post right? I hope it’s infectious!

Right back to the beauty flatlay above! Imagine my surprise when my colleagues at work bought me thisĀ Byredo hair perfume in Gypsy Water a few months ago as my birthday present. I like Byredo a lot (the fragrances, the design, the packaging!) and little did they know, I once thought about buying Gypsy Water as a fragrance but I chose the wonderful Bal D’Afrique instead. I love the idea of hair perfumes and the Byredo ones are gorgeous but absolutely FAR too decadent and OTT to buy for myself because come on – it’s a hair perfume! It is such a lovely scent and fitting for the more Wintery months as for me, it has the smokiness of camp fires, a hint of pine needles sweetened up with a base note of vanilla. I’m a very happy girl and I have definitely been swishing my hair a lot…

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