I’ve got my mince pie, festive candles lit and fluffy slippers on and I’m about to show you some new bits that I found at a Christmas craft fair. There are loads happening up until Christmas and I love discovering independent sellers and meeting the crafters themselves. I visited one locally to me at the MAC Birmingham which featured a whole bunch of ceramicists, print and jewellery makers. I’m not one to turn up to one of these things and return home empty handed and I came home with a few goodies.

I’m really into teeny tiny studs and I got my ears pierced for the 3rd time over at the Mariah Tash Piercing Studio in Liberty in the Summer. Bit of a splurge (but luckily my stud choices were one of the cheapest on offer and not on the website) still, it’s pretty nice to instantly have earrings in your ears that you aren’t counting down the months to change for new ones. I’d definitely recommend taking a look at the studio if you want some more ear adornment.

Back to teeny tiny studs and the craft fair! I spotted these silver mini half moon studs by Anna Backman and I love them with my current Maria Tash trinity studs. Plus anything moon shaped brings me back to my childhood obsession with Sailormoon. To complete the title of this blog post, I peered over the shoulder of my friend who was contemplating some hammered silver bangles by Zoe Ruth Designs and I spied these dainty little teardrops. I couldn’t resist them!

The little espresso cup I’m using as a prop in this photo was a birthday gift from a friend who works over at RBSA gallery in Birmingham. They always have the most amazing artists and makers that display their work and she thought that I might like this cup by Gemma Wightman.  I love the turquoise colour and how tactile it is – especially the little dent for your thumb, so satisfying! While I would love to use it for coffee, I’m currently using it to store bits and bobs on my desk and clearly it also makes the perfect prop…