Sometimes the best posts are the most spontaneous ones right? So I’m quickly writing down my thoughts before the words become harder to catch and pen into a post! I feel this way a lot, for example, this weekend I have felt super motivated to do some more illustration and I had to open up the sketchbook before that feeling disappeared! I’m pretty pleased with how my illustration turned out. I’m not so keen on the lettering but I just need some more practice again and I smudged it which I fixed quickly using a photo app – I need to learn to be more patient. If you saw this on my IG then you’ll know it’s based on a little anecdote. My dad asked me what the ‘strange little onion’ was that I had picked up and it was a pomegranate – he’d never seen one before! I think I might start illustrating funny things that my parents say. It would be a good way to get me back into these doodles again.

Anyway, back to weekend thoughts! I had a really lovely one, doing exactly what I love the most – catching up with friends, eating good food and wandering around Art exhibitions. I have been meaning to visit the new extension of the Tate – the Switch House for a while now and I spent the day there with my friend, appreciating the concrete building and the contemporary Art. There is so much to see that we ran out of time to explore the building properly! We took the lift straight to the 10th floor to take in that awesome view at the viewing deck. London was lovely and sunny that afternoon and seeing the view of London from all sides was awesome. I read some articles about how close the building is to some apartments and yes, they are pretty damn close. I probably spent an equal amount of time admiring the view of London as well as marveling at the impeccable taste in furniture the residents have…there is a whole lotta round furniture!

The day ended with a bite to eat with my little sister and the rain meant we ended up sheltering in Ladurée (obviously!). I ordered my favourite Ladurée Earl Grey tea and we shared some sweet treats. It was a lovely weekend and I can’t wait for more London fun times when I am back in town next weekend.