Happy Wednesday! I can’t quite believe it’s only mid week. It’s been a crazy few days starting with a very busy Sunday helping my sister move into her halls at uni. I can’t believe my baby sister has gone to uni. It was really strange leaving my sister in her halls while we all drove back to Birmingham. Even though I miss her being around, I’m SO excited for her too as it reminds me of the awesome times I had at uni. My favourite memories include a Mighty Boosh themed house party, going to all the best Indie gigs (seeing The Kooks in the tiniest venue), eating falafel’s in Paris, doing my food shop dressed up as a zombie pirate with a zombie girl housemate at Halloween (I lived in a student town so the cashiers didn’t even bat an eyelid!) and of course spending more hours than I care to remember building a fort of books around me in the library. If I could step back in time and relive those years, I totally would.

Fast forward to this week and the day job has kept me so, SO busy and I can’t wait for a break to recharge for a bit. I said that I wanted to travel more and my friends and I have booked flights to Barcelona in November! Someone asked me what I’d like to do for my birthday this year and I said I’d rather be on holiday than throw a big party and I made it happen! It’s the big 3-0 which I am in slight denial about as I picture myself about 5 years younger and I am nowhere near as accomplished as I thought I would be at this age – but whatever! I’m so excited to stay in our Air BnB, visit all the typical tourist locations but also explore the city for my own.

Does anyone have any recommendations and things that I should absolutely not miss? Shops, attractions, food, tell me all!