I often walk through the Selfridges beauty/perfume hall on the way home from work which is, most of the time, a pretty bad idea. It’s a good job they don’t sell any Byredo in the Birmingham store as I am such a sucker for their scents (not to mention their great design and clever magnetic caps) but on the other hand, they have a Jo Malone counter, equipped with staff who are trained to sell you multiple products for that bespoke Jo Malone layered scent. I was torn between two scents that just so happen to work really well together! A last minute decision at the counter meant that I left with a beautifully wrapped box of English Pear and Freesia along with Peony and Blush Suede. Oops.


English Pear and Freesia was the perfume that I initially picked which has top notes of pear, a little freesia, amber and a base note of patchouli. A super fresh and crisp scent and to me, it smells like fizzy elderflower on the skin – it’s a really clean fragrance!


Peony and Blush Suede has top notes of apple with peony, jasmine rose and gillyflower and a base note of suede. It’s more floral than English Pear and Freesia and since it has suede as a base note, it has more of a rounded, warmer scent which I think works well as an evening perfume too.

Layered together, they make up a completely new scent. I’m absolutely terrible at describing perfumes but it becomes a more mellow, floral apple-pear mix! At first I thought it was outrageous of me to buy two perfumes (30ml size) but since I’d wear them both separately and combined, it’s like having 3 new bottles, so it’s totally justified…right?! While I still reach for my favourite Bal D’Afrique most days, these little guys are close contenders on days when I want to opt for something a little lighter, feminine and floral! Do you guys have any favourite Jo Malone combinations or other favourite scents that I need to know about? Let me know!