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I’m off on my holidays! I’m all packed and I’m SO ready for my flight back to Hong Kong today. I’ll be back in my second home for a few weeks with the usual plans of seeing family, friends and eating ALL the food. We’ve got an overnight stay in neighbouring Macau which is always super fun to visit.  I adore the old town and it’s pretty photogenic in all it’s dated, retro glory. My dad always refers to Macau being like 1960s HK, a sort of bygone era now that so much regeneration has taken place in Hong Kong. I hope this part of Macau never ever gets regenerated. Thinking about Macau’s old school charms, I thought I would return to some old photos that I took a few years ago. Flipping these to black and white and giving them a closer crop gives them a brand new perspective. I’m obsessed with the details that you start noticing when all the colour is removed. As always keep up to date with what I’m up to on my Instagram and Snapchat (@diamondcanopy) See you guys soon!