Not too long ago I made plans to visit my friend Carly in her local town of Gloucester which has some historic docks and great antique shops to wander around. However best of all, it’s home to the magnificent Gloucester Cathedral. I could barely contain my excitement because if you’re a fan of the Harry Potter films, you’ll recognise it as one of the many locations that the Harry Potter films were filmed at. The cloisters are the setting of the beautiful corridors of the films and I definitely pretended to be A) Looking for the room of requirement and B) imagining I was on my way to Potions class. Even the guide pointed me out straight away as a Harry Potter fan which I’ll happily admit! Probably because of the huge grin on my face as I was thinking hard about how to re-enact some of my favourite HP scenes – i.e. hiding from trolls.

The Cathedral and the cloisters are truly stunning with beautiful vaulted ceilings and stained glass which throws dappled rose coloured light onto the historic flagstones. The changing light in the Cathedral means that the light can be glowing one moment and then suddenly, grey skies can throw other corners into moody and eerie shadows. It’s pretty amazing that the Cathedral dates back to the 7th century and has some 1,300 years of history. I’m quite in awe that the local university and some of the grammar schools in the area use the Cathedral for graduation ceremonies and assemblies. I’m not sure if you can tell in these photos, but I er, really love the Cathedral!