Rhossili Bay Cliffs 1
Rhossili Bay Cliffs 2I have holidays on the mind at the moment but let’s rewind to a quick weekend visit to some friends in Swansea. It really felt like a mini holiday as it was chilled, fun and just…easy! Maybe it was the fact that there wasn’t any pressure to go out drinking all night (I’m not a big drinker and drinking tea all weekend is definitely more me), maybe it was the sea air, the stunning scenery and the good company but I really had the best time. With views like this, it’s pretty hard not to feel completely content.
Rhossili Bay Cliffs 3
Rhossili Bay Cliffs 4

Rhossili Bay Cliffs 7

Rhossili Bay Cliffs 6Rhossili Bay Cliffs
Rhossili Bay Cliffs 8Rhossibli Bay 2

Rhossili Bay Cliffs 9
Rhossili Bay is located at the tip of the Gower Peninsula and it’s a short 40 minute drive from Swansea Bay. There aren’t many pics of the beach in this post but a little research tells me that Rhossili Bay is considered the 3rd best beach in Europe and 9th in the world. It’s easy to see why as the view from the grassy clifftop is awe inspiring and when you’re down on the beach, the looming cliffs to the left and remnants of a shipwreck from 1887 on the the right are pretty hard to beat. I was going to put all my pictures in one post but after looking at the pictures, it’s worthy of splitting into two posts – more pics from the beach coming soon!

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