cherry blossom 1
Everybody loves cherry blossoms and ask any blogger and they’d find it hard to resist taking snaps of these fluffy powder pink blossoms. I’m going to romanticise it all and say I love them towards the end too when the pink petals are caught in the wind, it’s just the prettiest moment and definitely stemmed from growing up watching anime (Hi Sailormoon). I am always jealous of people who have managed to visit Japan at cherry blossom season and it’s on my bucket list. Since I’m not in Japan any time soon, this pretty street in Notting Hill will do for now. It’s no surprise that my desktop and mobile wallpapers have now been updated to these cherry blossoms…

3 Cherry blossom

2 cherry blossom

4 Cherry Blossom Notting Hill
5 Cherry Blossom Notting Hill
6 Cherry Blossom Notting Hill
7 Cherry Blossom Notting Hill

When the weather is this lovely (though I know that the rest of this week is quite grey and rainy) I no longer want to stay indoors and be all hermit like. I had a lovely time in Wales last weekend (see Instagram for a sneak peek of what I got up to) which was a perfect weekend break and makes me look forward to more Summer plans and holidays. Hong Kong is coming up soon in July but I also need to get planning as Barcelona is on the cards for the end of the year and Australia needs to be booked in the next few months too. I’m SO looking forward to these trips! Do you guys have any holidays planned?