I’m always in London but it’s always fun to visit the city with different friends. I planned a fun day out recently with one of my best friends and I loved that my friend, Carly described it as a day that I had curated and I suppose it was! Despite not being a blogger or Instagrammer, she loves taking photos as much as me which makes life a lot easier when I am constantly stopping to take photos of every random building, flower or interesting corner.

On the agenda were things we both loved – food, art and coffee. We started with a look around COS for a good browse and then had lunch at Toms Kitchen followed by a wander around Chelsea, marveling at the pretty pastel houses nearby before heading to Tate Britain. We were keen to see Tracey Emin’s Bed installation – a piece that we had both studied during our  History of Art days at uni. It was smaller than we had anticipated and actually really filthy so imagining Emin climb into the bed to kick back the stained sheets just so, made me feel a bit queasy! We always refer to seeing famous Artworks that we’ve studied as similar to meeting celebrities. You recognize them instantly, you know SO much about them and it’s always different to how you expect – it’s pretty exciting.

We ended up back in central and stopped off for some much needed tea and coffee and before we knew it, it was time to catch our trains home. The day worked out really well and despite having a plan of action, it was a lovely chilled out day. I’m definitely looking forward to planning more days like this, as it really made my weekend. Trouble is, when you’ve had a good weekend sometimes the working week hits you hard and it’s almost like having holiday blues….I really, really need to get over it!