The glorious long weekend seems like forever ago now that it’s already Wednesday again. I had a great few days with plenty of good company and chocolate. It’s so nice having bank holidays book end the weekend and all too often I am kicking myself for not capitalising on the extra days and organising some kind of escape. Oh well – I just need to remind myself that I have Australia to save for. I have felt quite refreshed and any lingering stresses have been forgotten. I feel refocused, positive and happy. Maybe it’s catching up on sleep, socialising and having more daylight now that British Summer Time has kicked in, either way, it’s just what I needed.
Refresh and Recharge collage shot
Refresh and Recharge - South Kensington
Refresh and recharge - YSL Sac Universite
Refresh and recharge CDG Converse
Refresh and recharge outfit

The British weather can be such a tease and I’ve really struggled with getting some snaps over the last week but I’m glad that I took these when I had the chance. These were taken a few weekends ago when the sun was shining and it felt positively Spring-like. It’s also the first OOTD with the new bag – yay!

A bit of a side note but one of my uni friends was diagnosed with breast cancer recently and had a mastectomy yesterday. I can’t quite find the words to describe how absolutely amazing, awe inspiring and brave she is. She is so incredible and has somehow not lost her brilliant sense of humour. It’s a reminder that cancer doesn’t discriminate and it can be anyone. I don’t think Lil reads my blog but she would 100% tell you girls to check yourselves regularly!

Update: My friend Rachael in the comments below sent this amazing link for charity, Coppafeel. They’re awesome for regular reminders so definitely worth checking out. Do it!

Coat – COS | Top – Zara | Jeans – Topshop | Converse – CDG Play x Converse  | Bag – Saint Laurent Medium Monogram Université