chelsea outfit 1

These lovely photos were taken in Chelsea a few weeks ago when the sun was shining but it was really rather chilly! I’m definitely going to try and get back into the habit of taking outfit photos a little further afield than the bottom of my road at home. It’s nice to have a change of scenery! These were taken when my friend and I wandered around Chelsea after lunch and we marvelled at all the cute houses. The majority of them had their luxury cars parked outside homes etc. As a non-Londoner, It’s hard for me to get my head around the fact that they can’t park their Aston Martins in garages…because you know, the houses don’t come with them! We walked past an estate agents and it’s unfathomable how much a one bed flat costs in Chelsea. Oh how the other half live…

chelsea outfit 2

chelsea outfit 3

chelsea outfit detail 4

Chelsea outfit detail 5

Chelsea outfit 6

chelsea outfit 7

I still can’t quite escape the same uniform of stripes. I must admit that I bought another striped jumper yesterday because I really wanted to wear some new clothes over Chinese New Year (the best excuse for shopping right?) and I might have to ban myself from buying any more…


Speaking of New Year, Chinese New Year is tomorrow and the festivities have begun. I am getting ready to pop over to my grandmas to have a big old feast with the family very shortly and we will be eating ALL festive dishes. In all honesty, it’s the same meal as the one from Christmas day but with a few more traditional ones for this time of the year. It’s just the most fun being all gathered together at my grandmas house. It’s crazy hectic and there are SO many children. I’ll be sharing pics so keep your eyes on my Instagram and Snapchat!


Coat – Jaeger | Scarf – UO | Top – Warehouse | Skirt – UO | Bag – Kara | Watch – Larsson and Jennings | Boots – Office