Oops, I’ve dropped off the blogging radar this week but here is a delayed blog post on some of the things that have been on my mind this week! This kawaii Hello Kitty money box seems quite apt for this post as I am currently in the midst of saving for a shiny new bag (so excited!). I’ve also had EVEN more reason to save as a friend of mine has announced her engagement recently. She has been living in Australia for the last few years with her Aussie boyfriend fiancé and the wedding will be sometime next year! Oz has never really been on my travel radar but I am really excited to visit for the wedding and maybe even catch up with some other friends that have moved out there. I’m considering stopping off in HK on the return journey to spend some time with my grandma too. I guess I’ll be keeping up my yearly visits back to HK going strong! Either way, a big holiday with my oldest school friends has long been in the making, what better than a Summer wedding abroad in Australia?

I’m excited for all the planning but this means I will need to do some serious saving for my trip! Time to start making regular packed lunches to work and be a little less frivolous when it comes to shopping. I fully admit that sounds crazy when I have mentioned saving for a big bag purchase in the same post. Old habits die hard right? Wish me luck…

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