This is the very project which encouraged me to pick up the paintbrush again! I don’t draw or paint often enough these days but when my friend Rachael asked me to come up with an illustration for the kids at her wedding to colour in, I quickly put some ideas to paper.
I started with a quick doodle which I then scanned into the computer to use as a starting point. Using a pen tablet, I created a simple black and white doodle which saved lots of time sketching variations out and meant that a digital version could easily be sent to my friend! I probably could have spent a little more time thinking about the design but I pretty much spent an hour or two drawing this and then sent it to Rachael the next morning.

Soon it was Rachael and Martin’s wedding day (see here for my post!) and it was one of the best weddings everrrr. I don’t think I stopped laughing all weekend in Brighton! At the reception, it was pretty fun to see my drawing as part of the kid’s colouring in packs at the wedding.

Source @Blah_Ben / @CFelders

Wedding over and back home in the Midlands, I knew I had to create an updated version as a wedding present. I purchased a new set of watercolours and this is the finished result which matches the wedding outfits! It has been SO rewarding putting this together.
RM5I very recently gifted this to Rachael and Martin which is why it hasn’t appeared on the blog until now. Gifting this was the best feeling in the world when I realised how much they loved it! I’m no artist but it is certainly making me think about illustrating a bit more and maybe get into some side projects and improve my non-existent techniques! Now what else to illustrate….