My friends always joke that all I seem to do is eat when I am back in HK. I can’t say that they’re wrong because aside from taking photos of the buildings and cute things, food is definitely a big part of HK culture and one that I am more than happy to take part in!


My auntie asked me what foods I missed the most when I was away from HK and there is just sooo much to choose from. While my younger self might have said HK egg waffles, butter and condensed milk buns (in the pic below!) sesame ice cream, curry fish balls, suckling pig, dim sum or the fact that affordable Korean and Japanese cuisine is on every street corner – my favourite is just simply HK milk tea.


Made by straining different variants of tea (mostly Ceylon tea) and then a little evaporated milk, it’s simple but totally HK to me. The tea is strong and the flavour just can’t be replicated at home, however much I try! I like the tea served with ice in the Summer but if the weather is cooler and I spot the old school Black and White cups (as seen in the video) I can’t help but order some too. I don’t add sugar but the guy in the video puts in some pretty big spoonfuls – yikes!

My auntie also asked what my favourite thing about British food was and I thought long and hard. I finally said really crisp roast potatoes. I think I was craving carbs as Chinese cuisine generally lacks potatoes but I still stand by that now – they’re the best, bring on Christmas dinner! I’d love to hear what you guys think about your favourites food or drinks that you miss the most when you’re away from home!