Thank you to everyone who left me a little note on my last blog post. Sometimes I wonder whether I should post about personal stuff on here but on occasions like that, the last thing I wanted was to do a post on style, beauty or food. I spent ages typing out my thoughts and edited it down a lot in the end, the whole process was strangely cathartic, so I’m glad that I have a blog where I can really put down my thoughts.


It’s been a crazy month, clocking up about 24,000 miles to-ing and fro-ing from Hong Kong. I’m counting my lucky stars that I’m not ill as a result! While HK is an absolute mission away, doing the flights in such close succession made me realise that it’s also just a plane ride away (3x movies and a nap in terms of time management!). I feel ‘closer’ to HK than I ever have before but it also makes me cherish every moment I have with both of my grandmothers in both countries. We had already booked to go back as a family in July before our emergency flight back, so we’ll be reunited and back in HK again in 7 months time (in the blistering heat and humidity!). Honestly, it’ll be here before I know it…

The photo above was taken at one of my favourite places to explore – PMQ in Sheung Wan. I spent the day with my buddy Michelle wandering around, drinking mocktails and generally feeling very hot  climbing up the steep paths up to the building. The great thing about having blogger friends is that no questions are asked when you suddenly stop and insist on taking photos on some pretty painted steps or taking an age to ‘set up’ food shots like this Instagram post with my super talented friends, Sam and Kit (FYI – they have the best IG feeds) We definitely got some amused looks from the table next to us!

Blouse – River Island | Skirt – Urban Outfitters | Bag – Philip Lim 3.1 Mini Pashli | Shoes – Converse