Photo: Michelle aka Miss Daisybutter

It’s been a really really odd couple of weeks. As you may have noticed I’ve been back to my second home in Hong Kong for a couple of weeks – a bit of a holiday and an escape back to a familiar city with plenty of friendly faces and family to catch up with – always lots on my Instagram and Snapchat  (I’m @diamondcanopy) to keep you guys in the the loop!


Sadly my Grandad was taken rather ill and he passed away at the beginning of my time back in HK. It was a pretty tough time but I’m glad I have a strong family and super supportive friends. It’s hard when my grandparents live on the other side of the world and I wish I could spend more time with them. I’ll miss so many things about my Grandad from laughing at his love of wasabi, the way he insists on charting the lottery (despite never winning anything), the confusion when he talks to me without his false teeth in (it’s just odd!) and his endless anecdotes! I’m glad I knew him and I’m glad that he lived a long and happy life.


I’ve actually been back in the UK for a week and with barely any time to get over the jet lag, I fly back out to HK today for one more week for the funeral ceremony. It’s a typical 2 day Chinese ceremony so it’s going to be intense! Despite the reasons for flying back, I am looking forward to one more week back in HK, spending as much time with my grandma and of course with added parents and sisters as company.