Meri Meri Gingerbread men card
Meri Meri Gingerbread men
Meri Meri Christmas card scene
Meri Meri Christmas card
Is it ok to start feeling festive yet? It is VERY nearly December after all! Since I’ve been in Hong Kong (back tomorrow, sob!) I had to round up my Christmas presents for my family over here pretty early on and I think this is the first time that I’ve been able to give them their presents in person rather than sending it via airmail! I was doing my usual procrastination on ASOS and came across this novelty card by Meri Meri which went into my shopping basket straight away. I excitedly stuck on all the stickers and packed the card along with our Christmas presents for my grandparents. I don’t think you can get such adorable cards in HK. The greetings card culture is not quite the same over here and there definitely isn’t an equivalent to Paperchase. I’m really tempted to get these hats when I’m back and convince my family to wear them on Christmas day…