I didn’t spend very long figuring out what to buy Chrissy and Dan for their wedding present. I gave them a lucky envelope as part of Chinese tradition (I always like to get it in somewhere!) and then spent a couple of evenings drawing out and then painting this illustration based on their wedding day. This is the second painting that I’ve done as a wedding present (I will be sharing the other one in due course!) and they’re relatively quick illustrations as once I’ve finalised the design, it’s probably completed in just a couple of hours. I don’t spend too much time thinking about colour placement, which I suppose I’ve been lucky with as I am just making things up as I go along.

diamond canopy art illustration Chrissy and Dan wedding bubble wrap

diamond canopy art illustration Chrissy and Dan wedding

One part of the illustration that I knew I wanted to include was that I had to get the lavender in some where. If there is one thing I remember about the wedding is all the dried lavender! We made lavender buttonholes for the groomsman, the bridesmaids had lavender bouquets and there was plenty more lavender decorating the venue. Right now, my own bridesmaids bouquet lives in my bathroom, smells amazing and it’s such a lovely reminder of the day!