the sea

These are the very last of my Brighton photos and I suppose you could say it marks the end of my Summer posts. Being on the beach at sunset on a clear Summers day is awesome and all kinds of wonderful. The lighting changes so quickly, so the shots of my friends on the beach turned to these more sultry pink and blue hues quite rapidly. Looking back at these pictures really do make me quite happy.

west pier collage

lucy in the sea 2

west pier portrait 5

brighton sea

In other news there was a slight delay in getting this post published because my friend’s hen do literally crept up on me and I ran out of time to upload these shots. I celebrated the end of my friend Chrissy’s bachelorette days by venturing out to rural Shropshire and had a weekend of Pyjama parties, activities, country walks and plenty of laughs with a great bunch of people. The weather was quite lovely for early September. There are some shots on Instagram but my pictures will be coming soon!