I’ve been working on a fun little illustration for some friends and it’s reminded me how much I love to draw and paint with watercolours. Before I go on, I must say that I’m nothing more than a casual doodler but there is something very fun and therapeutic about putting pen to paper and then making them come to life with a splash of colour. Plus I just love being creative again. While I can’t share the aforementioned project with you guys just yet as I’m waiting to gift it first (hint – it was for a recent wedding), here is a little one I did of my friend Carly.
2. Hip hip hooray birdeseye 1

Carly is a uni friend AND an old housemate from back in my Art History days. Not only has she got her Undergraduate degree but she also has a Masters and just completed a PhD in Art History. Wow, that’s a whole lotta Art, theory, books and far too many dissertations and thesis’s to get my head around. I shared some quick doodles with her recently and she was super encouraging (even though I think they’re a bit silly) and so I’ve decided to share this! For some reason, midnight seems to be a big source of inspiration at weekends and this idea suddenly popped into my head and at about 1am, she appeared in full technicolour. Hip hip hooray!