1 clun castle
We stayed in the little town of Clun, Shropshire for my friend’s hen do and when we heard that there were ruins of a castle nearby, we couldn’t wait to go for a walk and explore the ruins of Clun Castle. You guys KNOW how much I love a good castle (see my post on my visit to Kenilworth Castle for more castle pics!).

A few of us made the short walk over to the ruins of the castle which dates back to the Norman invasion in the 13th Century. Once an important castle used to guard the English border from Welsh attack, all that remains today are a few crumbling walls of the keep and window arches which frame some pretty picturesque views. I’m a city girl through and through but oh how I love the British countryside.
2 clun castle walk girls
3 Clun Castle countryside
It’s easy to forget how unique the British countryside is with the enclosed fields making up the patchwork landscape that we are so familiar with. The rolling green countryside highlighted by the soft rays of golden sunshine was something straight out of a pastoral painting. My pictures don’t really do the views much justice and I couldn’t quite capture the sparkling brook at the bottom of the hill or just how lovely it was when we reached the top of the hill but hopefully these give you an idea!

7 clun castle countryside view shropshire4 clun castle view winnie window ledges
6 clun castle window arch view
5 clun castle window ledges
8 Clun castle view winnie

10 clun castle frame cows
12 countryside view from clun castle

9 long grass
11 clun castle collage katie and castle

14 clun castle walk winnie

My friends and I sat for a little while admiring the views and we all perched on a little bench beside the castle at the top of the hill looking down to the little town of Clun and the surrounding countryside. We pondered on how buildings like this fall into such disrepair, peered through the window arches and had a good old chat and of course took some obligatory selfies before we escaped back down the hill in time for some dinner. This almost conjures up a setting for an Enid Blyton book (Famous Five and Malory Towers were my favourites) but no, not quite. There were no secret tunnels and no golden ingots to be found unfortunately…

Slightly less cheery is the fact that when I was researching Clun, we stayed at Clun Mill which is apparently nicknamed ‘Malevolent Mill’ due to numerous deaths and vanishing people. Holy moly. I’m a pretty jittery person when it comes to these things and I’m very very glad that I made this discovery now rather than during our stay!


*Not super outfit worthy as it was a day for the outdoors…
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