1. chrissy and dan lavender bouquet
It’s time for another wedding! I’ve been posting up snippets of my friend’s beautiful September wedding over on Instagram but here is the actual post finally! The wedding belonged to my friends Chrissy and Dan. I’ve known Chrissy for the longest time and we’ve been friends ever since the very first day of secondary school where we ended up sitting next to each other in our form room. Who could have guessed that 17 years later, we would still have the same circle of friends and I would be one of the bridesmaids at her wedding to the wonderful Dan!
2. chrissy and dan wedding bus
3 route master wedding bus chrissy and dan
On Saturday 19th September, Chrissy and Dan’s friends and family gathered in sunny Stratford Upon Avon from all around the country. Some flew in from as far as Australia and Canada (Hi Sally, Hi Hannah!) and we watched them say the ‘I Do’s’ in the beautiful Stratford Upon Avon town hall before boarding the wedding bus – a lovely old Routemaster bus which took us on a bumpy but fun ride over to the leafy wedding venue in Warwick.
4. Chrissy bouquet shot chrissy and dan wedding
5 Bridesmaid chrissy and dan wedding route master wedding bus
It was such a pretty venue which a bunch of us helped decorate with Chrissy and Dan’s personal touches. It was filled with flowers and plenty of dried lavender and I especially loved the flags featuring the Warwickshire bear and The White Rose of York which represent the bride and groom respectively. Chrissy found lots of vintage books – all with various meanings such as a figure skater book which represents her mum as well as things that reflect the couple including cats, cricket and history books which became part of the table settings.
6 Warwickshire bear and yorkshire rose flags chrissy and dan wedding
7 Alveston Pastures farm warwick chrissy and dan wedding
11 Table settings pumpkins chrissy and dan wedding
8 Gifts and cards box chrissy and dan wedding
12 Wedding cake chrissy and dan
9 chrissy and dan wedding confetti
10 Wedding converse white chrissy and dan wedding
The sunny weather meant we spent a lot of time outdoors, playing lawn games, taking silly photos with friends and exploring the maze! I may have imagined myself in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire but don’t worry, I didn’t come across any sphinx’s or evil wizards – just a few confused and lost wedding guests!
13. Gardens and flowers Chrissy and Dan wedding
14 Friends Chrissy & Dan Wedding
15a Friends Chrissy & Dan Wedding

There was a barn dance to get everyone moving and it all culminated in the DJ adding some surprise tracks to the usual wedding playlist – a little Blink 182 swiftly turned into Slipknot, Linkin Park and Rage against the machine. It was such an unexpected playlist and for a moment we were transported back in time to our teen years – it was so much fun!

It was a really wonderful day, spent with my favourite people and looking back at these pictures really make me smile. I couldn’t be happier for the new Mr and Mrs Oates who are currently honeymooning in Munich at Oktoberfest! I’ve already had photos of beer tents and tankards of beer sent my way which totally sums those two up. Congratulations Chrissy and Dan, thanks for letting me be part of your wedding day – you guys are awesome!