Grosevor Hotel lobby

Before I share Wedding and Brighton pics, here is just a quick throw back to the night before the wedding. I hopped on a train straight after work from Birmingham to London and rather than asking friends for a place to stay for just a few hours and then leaving pretty early in the morning to get to Brighton, I went for the more expensive option and booked myself into a hotel.


I’ve not been on holiday in the longest and really, my trip back to HK seems forever away so to kick start my long weekend/mini break to Brighton, I picked a hotel close to Victoria Station and booked The Grosvenor Hotel. This meant that I pretty much rolled out of bed the next morning and into the station (more on this later). It was a short but sweet stay and I’m so glad I decided to stay here. I read Michelle’s post on ‘Alone Time’ and actually this is really apt! I loved nothing more than putting on the TV in the background, painting my nails and chilling out on my own before all the wedding festivities with friends the next day. I often think it’s a bit of a blogger trait to love alone time and it’s less about being anti-social (Don’t get me wrong, I love nothing more than being surrounded by friends) but rather it’s just about enjoying your own company once in a while. Does anyone else agree with that?

Grosvenor hotel selfie

The hotel itself was Victorian but the rooms are contemporary and had absolutely everything you needed (i.e. all the tea!) with great ratings on Trip Advisor. When I asked where the station was, the lady at reception very kindly led me to a corridor just beyond the lobby. It was a bit of a Harry Potter moment when I opened the door at the end of the corridor and found myself in a bustling Victoria Station. A total contrast to the quiet and relaxed atmosphere of the hotel lobby. I knew the station was close but I didn’t know it was all of a 30 second walk! I didn’t take any photos of my room as I hadn’t planned to blog it but here is one of the beautiful Victorian lobby and my breakfast. I thought long and hard about booking room service but I’m so glad I did and just thought why the hell not? Sometimes you just have to treat yourself. Plus, I think it set a precedent to a great long weekend in Brighton!