Brighton West Pier Sunset

I’m back guys! It’s been a little bit of an unexpected 3 week hiatus from blogging and probably the longest time I’ve gone without posting since I first set up my blogger account. While, I’ve realised I should really get back into the habit of scheduling posts or creating more spontaneous entries, life has been pretty busy lately. I’ve been chatting with my family (who are visiting from HK) until late in the evening, catching up with friends and if you follow me on Instagram then you may have noticed I spent a long weekend at a lovely wedding in sunny Brighton. I had the best time!

I have SO much to edit and friends have started to ask where on earth all my photos are on Facebook. Not only do I rarely use Facebook to share photos anymore (gone are the days when I used to upload my life on there *ahem* uni days) the trouble is, being the blogger that I am, I like editing all my photos (mostly just brightening everything up) and everything just takes so much longer. So here is one that sums up my last weekend and has in turn become a pretty perfect wallpaper background on all my devices. I was really excited to be on the beach during sunset with the ruins of the West Pier in the background. It’s just so beautiful and the photo is a reminder of the dreamiest of weekends with some amazing friends. Brighton really is the happiest place in the world when it’s sunny – I’ll be sharing the wedding and more from Brighton soon!