Summer is definitely a distraction these days and my posts are becoming a little bit more sporadic because sitting in front of a computer after a long day in the office is not really my ideal scenario. Seriously though, we’ve had some pretty hot days no? I’m hoping to hit the beach next week on a random day trip, so fingers crossed that actually happens!

gift banana yoshimoto

This post is filled with some of my favourite things at the moment – some of which are rather random! Starting with Banana Yoshimoto’s ‘Asleep’ which is a book I picked up a little while ago but only just started to read. I’ve read her award winning ‘Kitchen’ which was brilliant and explores a lot of complex emotions – it was a captivating and original read but it definitely has a melancholy undertone. I’ve just realised a film was made too which I’ll have to investigate! I’m looking forward to reading another one of her books. Plus – she has a pretty memorable pen name huh?

gift eyeliner masks

Eyeliners and masks are things I always ask for when relatives visit – so when my dad returned from a brief trip to HK my relatives sent these back with him. I always stock up on pen eyeliners when I’m in HK because I’ve found that Asian brands are the only ones that work for me – they don’t sting my eyes, they’re long wearing and are removed easily (some with just water!). My sisters all prefer using gel eyeliners but pen eyeliners are definitely my weapon of choice – they take some practise but they’re great! Pictured here is the Dejavu liner which is good but the K-Palette eyeliner is my HG (both Japanese) – seriously so easy to use and precise too. The masks are new brand I’ve not tried before by Korean brand, Beyond. These Hyaluronic acid masks are the most moisturising and cooling masks ever. Even my sister who has dry, eczema prone skin said they felt really refreshing and moisturising. Top tip – pop your masks in the fridge before you use them for a super cool evening treat!

Gift chinese screen

Ok the next one is super random, like really. My dad decided to buy me a gift and he bought a miniature Chinese screen. I don’t really know what to do with it but it’s very pretty and er….the most Chinese gift he has ever bought me. Thanks Dad…now where on earth to put it!

gift essie and sugar

Lastly are a few bits that Mandy over at One Slice of Lemon purchased for me while she was in the states earlier in the year. The Fresh Sugar lip balms are my favourite things ever and are a bit cheaper in the US so she kindly helped me purchase. They’re super moisturising and I like using them first thing and last thing at night. I also own a tinted one (really good colour payoff) which I found in the Marylebone store – definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area. Mandy also gifted me this lilac-pink bottle of Essie’s Under Where? I wear a lot of nail polishes this shade so I knew instantly that I would get plenty of wear out of it. Thanks Mandy!