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Louis Vuitton BackpackLouis Vuitton Vintage Backpack New Balance
Louis Vuitton Backpack outfit
Bag – Louis Vuitton, Top – Oasis, Leigh Jeans – Topshop, Trainers – New Balance

My mum has had this Louis Vuitton backpack for the longest time and it’s still in amazing condition. Unfortunately my mum is not much of a hoarder and I’ve expressed my disappointment on many an occasion that she didn’t keep her Gucci sunglasses and other items that we’ve spotted in old photos and videos. Luckily, she kept this bag which was last used as a nappy bag when my youngest sister was still a toddler. When my mum pulled this out of her wardrobe, we found baby wipes, packets of tissues and an old receipt dating back to 2002. I’d never ever have thought that this would make its way into one of my outfits but the days of Louis Vuitton being an ‘uncool’ brand has long since passed and now my sisters and I are happily claiming this little vintage bag as one of our own. Technically, this bag now belongs to my youngest sister but I couldn’t help but take a few photos with it slung over my shoulder. I’ll definitely be borrowing it from time to time!