Pics from Birmingham

Oh it’s very almost the weekend! I had fully intended to blog about something else entirely but on the way home, I decided against my original plan and use up some of the photos that are sitting in my phone’s photo album. I take so many photos only for most of the pics never to be Instagrammed or shared in any way so let me put them to good use. I used to write posts like this quite a lot back in the day, so it’s nice to do a chatty one once in a while!

Anyway, these pics are from last weekend, I often spend Saturdays in London but I’ve got to give my home city some credit. I had a really lovely one in Birmingham last weekend eating lunch at Pure Bar and Kitchen. They specialise in beer (and I don’t drink beer) but I really liked going there for lunch and sip on my lemon and ginger tea. All you need to know is that the the Mac and Cheese is awesome and I’d definitely recommend ordering lots of things and sharing.

I also took some pics of the city’s iconic Central Library which is due for demolition imminently. I wish I’d taken photos using my DSLR as next time I walk past this great hunk of concrete Brutalist architecture, it may not be in one piece. The glass roof is awesome but generally, it’s considered ugly and as a library it really wasn’t working out any more (it certainly wasn’t the cheeriest of places to study) but architecturally, I think it will be missed. However the new Library of Birmingham which is located about 2 minutes walk away is a thing of wonder. Since it opened in 2013 it has turned into a bit of a tourist destination but it’s a great space and home to lots of people who clearly love working in the new library. I’m still not convinced in its design (google it – don’t you think it looks a bit like a cake or a stack of gifts?) but I particularly like the garden terraces which is where my friend Carly and I took some selfies and helped me get some style shots. If you’re ever in town, I’d definitely recommend exploring the building, it’s especially lovely on a sunny day.