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cowshed candle

My favourite part of the day is definitely when I can indulge in some home comforts. Part of this routine involves this little candle. I came across the Cowshed boutique at Bicester Village and found the Cowshed soothing room candle at a discounted price for £18. I find it really hard to buy candles as some are either overly floral, sweet, musky or just smells too much like air freshener. This one is not overpowering and quite a clean fragrance with calming chamomile, sandalwood and jasmine essential oil. Unlike some candles, I can leave it burning for several hours and it’s not overpowering. It’s really soothing, relaxing and has become one of my favourite things after a long day at work. It’s great to come home, burn this, get in my PJs, grab a cup of tea and spend the evening catching up on blogs, watching an episode of a favourite drama/tv show (I’ve finally started Breaking Bad) or reading another chapter of a book. Perfect. Do you guys have any favourite routines, I’d love to know!