Keeping warm Topshop jumper and uniqlo heath

My wardrobe is bursting with jumpers these days but there’s no stopping me buying more knits when it’s just so cold (Summer needs to get here already!). This green turtle neck jumper from Topshop is actually my second jumper as I have it in blue too. It was a decision between this and the burgundy coloured one but the green just made my skin look brighter somehow and it ended up coming home with me. I really like wearing it with skinny jeans but looks cute with skirt and tights too! I also picked up another Heattech long sleeved t-shirt. I own a few of these already but I’ve not repurchased for years because I wasn’t sure whether they really worked. I’ve come to the conclusion that you just get used to wearing the layers and that no matter how many layers you wear, you will still feel the cold. Still, I think they’re pretty great for adding an extra layer under a thin jumper or under sleeveless dresses!