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My relatives in Hong Kong often place orders for various things for us to take back whenever a family member is due a visit. Among some of the things they like to order are gluten free products as they are expensive in HK and my grandma sticks to a mostly gluten free diet. So I’ve been known to pack bags of gluten free flour in my suitcase. Yes it’s weird and yes it does make me feel nervous when going through customs despite the fact that I have nothing to worry about. I might as well tell you guys about the time I watched my dad bubble wrap a bag of apples. Yeahhh. If you guys have family abroad, do you ever have weird requests too?

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The latest bulk order has been for a the Dr Organic Rose Otto Restoring Oil. They over ordered and let me have one – yay! Firstly my skin isn’t too bad these days, I have been making sure to drink at least 2 litres of water a day and despite the initial difficulties of having to get used to drinking more regularly, it’s made the world of difference to my skin. It feels less dry, clearer and I’d highly recommend everyone drink more water as I don’t even wear much base make up anymore.

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The mini pineapple candle is from H&M Home…sadly no longer on the website!

Back to the product! At first I didn’t expect the serum to be a facial oil. It’s meant to be used under make up in the day, or as a last step after moisturising at night. I don’t really fancy applying oil on my face in the day (as I’ve got combination skin) so I’ve been using a couple of drops at night for the past few weeks. The serum targets anti-aging, claims to renew skin elasticity and lock in moisture. The ingredients are a whole mixture of essential oils including Rose Otto Oil, Rosehip oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, omega 3, 6 and 9 amongst many others.

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To put it simply, this stuff is lovely. It does feel rather oily compared to Clarins Facial Oil but it sinks into the skin after a while. It also does smell strongly of Rose and some may think it’s a bit granny smelling but I don’t mind it. While I’m not so sure about the whole anti-aging and renewing skin elasticity yet, I can say that at only £12.99, I’m not so sure I need my Clarins oil anymore and the Rose Otto serum could easily be a high end product.  I can totally understand why my relatives bulk ordered this stuff. I now look forward to the night time routine of patting this into my skin after moisturiser and the Rose Otto oil makes my skin feel SO soft and smooth in the morning. My skin feels super moisturised – perfect for anyone suffering from dry skin this Winter. Now I wish they made something similar for hands!