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This gold and black silk t-shirt is my favourite purchase at the moment, it’s just so pretty! It’s the latest addition to my wardrobe and from a recent visit to Bicester Village which is a haven for fans of designer brands at discounted prices. Sandro is one of those brands that I’ve browsed in Selfridges. I’ve cooed over their awesome coats/dresses only to then glance at the price label wide eyed and then hastily pop the garment back on the rail before that sales assistant walks over. It’s not exactly Topshop pricing. However at Bicester Village, things are way more affordable and after popping into their store on a whim, I managed to find this Silk T-shirt which will be awesome paired with skinny black jeans, boots or for a more casual look, my black and white Nikes. It was originally £155 and I purchased it for a cool £35. I totally win!