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Christmas 2014 Gingerbread

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Christmas 2014 tree2

It’s Christmas Eve! I am so happy to be officially on a Christmas break and after spending last night watching Home Alone 2, this morning consisted of baking gingerbread men and watching Elf. The same thing applies to Christmas every year in the Diamond Canopy household which begins after helping out at my parent’s take away tonight. We close up early and rush home to prepare our annual Chinese hot pot with the family. This year it’s hosted at our house and we’ll be cooking meat/fish/seafood/veg/noodles until the very early hours of the morning. This is followed by a traditional roast dinner on Christmas day, dinner at my grandmothers that evening and then a Boxing Day meal at our usual Chinese restaurant. Keep an eye on my Instagram for plenty of updates over the next week! It’s always a little quiet around the blogosphere around this time of year so I will of course be back soon but until then, I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas break. Eat lots and be merry!