Nike Internationalist

Nike Internationalist detail

Nike Internationalist 1

Nike Internationalist in Deep Burgundy Available here

I couldn’t help myself. As a 90s kid, I’d had all sorts of trainers including some baby blue suede Nikes which I loved to wear with my Kappa tracksuit while singing along to the Spice girls. Trainers quickly turned into white Reebok classics which only ever belonged in my school P.E. Kit. Soon enough in my teens – DC’s, Vans and Converse were the only shoes to be seen in along with heavy black eyeliner, bags covered in patches and badges of my favourite bands (ah ‘nu metal’ – those were the days!) complete with the obligatory sweepy fringe. Much has changed (especially musically) but while Converse have stayed a constant, trainers never made an appearance again until the last year or so. I don’t quite know how I managed to add yet another pair of trainers to my ever growing collection but I couldn’t resist the colour…