Winnie and Mom cake
Another year, another cake! My birthday cake this year was an old school Chinese cream cake – one which I used to always have as a child (complete with Hello Kitty and Mimi). The Chinese bakery remember us so well that when my mum ordered the cake and couldn’t remember the exact characters of my Chinese name, the owners were able to remember from all their years icing our cakes. No easy feat as the characters of my Chinese name features so many strokes. Incredibly nostalgic, kitsch and along with sharing the cake with my mum, I wouldn’t have it any other way.
instax iphone
instax prints
Remember this post when I talked about how Instax’s were my favourite for capturing moments? One of my birthday gifts included this awesome Fuji Instax printer. We use phones to capture photos so much, that it is really great to be able to link up your phone to this device, print and keep in an album. While it’s not quite the same as the unpredictable nature of an instant camera, it’s pretty cool to be able to print pictures and with fewer worries about wasting that precious Rilakkuma instax film!