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Birthday 17 Fuji instax hello kitty mini 90 neo classic

birthday 17 instax film

There is just something that is unbeatable when it comes to instant film. Compared to digital photography, instant film (and film in general) reminds you of how fleeting that moment is in time. Each moment is captured with no messing around with deleting unwanted photos or editing. Unlike the 1000s of photos I have stored on my hard drive, Instax films are the only things I make a real effort to keep in a photo album. Birthdays are just one of those ephemeral moments which I try and capture with my Fuji Instax and I gifted my little sister a Mini 90 Neo Classic for her 17th. It looks so much more sophisticated compared to my own Hello Kitty Instax. I’m looking forward to seeing how she uses the camera and even more intrigued at the prospect of the ability to create double exposures!