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As soon as I spotted a picture of fried chicken and waffles appear on instagram, I knew I had to check out Stax Diner when I was next in London. My sister and I ordered the chicken and waffles and I was super eager to try their fried onion blossom but unfortunately burgers, fries and cajun onion blossom were all items that you can only order after 3pm. I suppose that saved me from being a total fatty at lunchtime…
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Whoever discovered that waffles, chicken and maple syrup went together, I salute you! It might have been a little calorific but sometimes you just have to live a little. I loved sitting in one of the window seats, overlooking Kingly Court, perfect on such a lovely sunny, summers day. You’ll find Stax Diner in Kingly Court  a stones throw away from Liberty and a bustling Oxford Circus. It’s home to a couple of other great eateries including Shoryu Ramen which is always a no-brainer for me if I can’t decide where to go and eat. I’ll be coming back to Stax Diner to sample their pancakes for brunch…