ROSE Cleanse rosebud
RMK Cleansing balm and rose buds

I’ve been a long time fan of RMK since the counter first appeared in the Birmingham Selfridges a few years ago. Between my sisters and I, we’ve used a lot of their skin care and make up but our favourites remain the Creamy Foundation (in 102) and being a Japanese brand, the colour matches for my skin tone are always pretty good. The latest thing I’ve tested out is the Rose Cleansing Balm which is all kinds of awesome. I first tried it at the Selfridges counter and it’s been on my mind ever since, so when RMK offered to send me a full size pot, it was a no brainer!
RMK cleansing balm on trayROSE Aerial tea, RMK, tea

All you need is a tiny scoop of the balm and once massaged into your skin, it melts away make up and feels lovely and moisturising. You’re pretty much good to go with serum/moisturiser (or whatever you fancy) but sometimes I like to follow up with a face wash and I’m currently using Elemis Tri-Enzyme Facial Wash. Not everyone is into Rose but if only you guys could smell the fragrance through these photos! I’ve been preferring to use this over my Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil as sometimes I just don’t want to put oil on my face and the balm feels so gentle and smells super luxurious.

ROSE Green tea and rose

Green tea and Rose

As a natural ingredient, rose is really great to moisturise skin and with it being full of Vitamin C it’s antioxidant properties are beneficial too. Rosebud tea is a popular herbal drink but I find it far too fragrant and too much like I’m drinking pot pourri water (gross) So instead, I like to add it to green tea (or jasmine tea) to boost the antioxidants and well, it looks pretty too!