1 katespade scene
4 Kate Spade Hands
3. Kate Spade 3

5. Kate Spade dustbag

I’m not sure why but I can’t seem to stop buying tiny little bags that really don’t hold very much more than your purse and phone. So impractical. This little Kate Spade (Perri Lane Looloo) find on a recent visit to Bicester Village ticks that box but isn’t it the sweetest? Larger bags might be more practical but for me, they are harder to buy and I couldn’t resist the charm of this little one – despite the fact it means I need to carry an extra tote for an umbrella, make up bag, dslr etc. Maybe I need to learn to carry less!

In other news I’m off to Hong Kong tomorrow! I remember booking my ticket in January and it’s scary how time flies and now it’s time to go back to visit family, friends and attend a wedding. Don’t forget to catch me on my Instagram for lots of snaps…